A Nudist Nonbinary Man

I Love My Feet

In chair wearing only the 'I Love My Feet' tank top Nobody talks about it much, but it's extremely common for human beings to see feet, their own or someone else's, as sexual. It's even a small plot point in the "House of the Dragon" series on HBO, where a man masturbates looking at the Queen's bare feet, which she has exposed and positioned so that he can. There's a popular song called "I Love My Feet". Wikipedia has a page on "Foot fetishism", as does Wikimedia. The website FeetFinder.com has blogs which make it clear liking feet is normal and nothing to be ashamed of; you can even buy photos of people's feet there. Finally, an Internet search for "foot fetish" will return hundreds of articles on the subject. Count me among those who get as much visual sexual pleasure from enjoying their feet as from their genitals.

There are only four really visually interesting areas on one's body: the hands, the genitals, the nipples, and the feet, and the last two of those are unquestionably sexually evocative. Feet are fleshy, like genitals, and we usually see them in the same visual frame as our genitals. I can't tell you what it is about my feet that I find so arousing and mesmerizing, I just do.

Stretched out on a couch getting off on my feet I often look at and admire my feet when I'm sitting with them raised, like in a recliner or stretched out on a couch. I like to pose them in sexy positions and think about people seeing them.

I no longer own a pair of closed shoes, only sandals. My feet are always exposed, unless I'm wearing socks due to cold or a fetish for wearing sandals with white ankle socks. I like to think there are some men out there who get off on my feet, and I'd love to be fucked by someone because he likes them. I have no interest in the other direction regarding men's feet, but I do enjoy the feet of women, maybe because I sexually identify as one.

Closeup of my right foot, posed to look sexy I have a lot of pictures of my feet that I like, but in isolation they lose much of their appeal, so I'm not currently posting any here. Most of my other photos include my feet, and they are usually posed or held in a way that makes them attractive to me. You can see how much I like them and how I like them to be seen in those photos. The photos above are good examples of that.