Naked and Nonbinary

Fantasies That Get Me Hot

I only recognized my real sexual identity recently, so these are the fantasies of someone who has not lived long enough as that identity to have satisfied some of these. I've missed a lifetime of being fucked and I'm kind of obsessed with it.

For a suprise for my birthday, a friend takes me to a party, and after we get there tells me to strip because I'm going to be available for fucking by people at the party, and reminds me that people will be taking pictures and video and sharing them on social media.

I'm strapped into a fucking machine on my back unable to move in front of a live Internet cam and microphone and left being fucked long and slow for two hours or more.

I'm contacted by someone who videos virgin men getting anally fucked for the first time and posts them on their website dedicated to men losing their anal virginity. They want to video me because I'm the oldest willing virgin they've come across. I agree and submit to being videoed while being thoroughly fucked. The man who is going to fuck me takes me out to dinner with me wearing a skirt and sandals, along with the videographer. When we get "home", he fucks fucks me while I'm still dressed, then takes a break while I strip and then fucks me some more. The edited video is featured prominently on their website for being the oldest man in the collection from then on.

Having a friend who fucks me because he gets off on looking at my feet. When we're together he has me pose my bare feet for him to look at. Sometimes he masturbates looking at my feet.

I have a friend who fucks me who invites me stay over weekends at his house. We have an agreement that when I arrvive he takes my clothes and I spend the weekend naked. He takes pictures of me naked, often with an erection, and posts them on the Internet, and he can fuck me anytime he wants to. Sometimes he has friends over but I still have to be naked and get fucked, and they're also allowed to take photos and do what they want with them.

I'm going with a man to a party. He tells me I need to be ready an hour sooner than I really do, so I dress in sandals with a nice shirt and skirt and no underwear. As I'm ready to leave, he bends me over, fully dressed, and fucks me for an hour. When he's done I just wash my rear and then we leave. At the party he tells people that he just fucked me before we came. Possibly he fucks me again at the party with people watching.

I have a job working as a waiter in a nudist coffee shop or restaurant. The job requires keeping my body hair shaved and working totally naked except for footwear. I'd have to come in and work 4 to 6 hour shifts naked the entire time. There is good job security, but no other work is available where I'm living, so I have to keep that job to be able to pay for rent and food.

I'd love to have someone else take out a domain name and get a website, then give them the contents of a website like this one. They would upload them and I would have no way to gain access to the site. Anything I posted would be up from then on. They would also have permission to take photos of me and post them without clearing them with me. The site would be indexed by Google and other search engines and be easily found.
I've just realized someone could do this anyway, just copy everything on this site over and use it. If anyone ever wishes to do that, you hereby have my explicit permission to do so.

When I'm out visiting or in public, I want there to be men who see me as someone they have a right to think they could fuck. Which is to say, I want the same experience that most women have, of never being able to get away from being seen as a possible means of sexual gratification.

Meeting people and finding out they have seen this website and know all about me. Being told they want to fuck me, and reminding me of my commitment to be naked if I'm not already.

Having friends who come to visit specifically to fuck me, or who invite me to their place so they can fuck me.

Someone is taking me out for a nice meal. When they arrive, they fuck me, then we go out to a restaurant with me in a skirt and obviously that person's "date", then after dinner they fuck me again.

Having a friend who likes to fuck me and likes me in socks and sandals who always insists I wear them when we go out.

Having friends who won't go anywhere with me if I'm not in a skirt.

Going in to people's homes and seeing photos of me naked on their walls.

Being invited to social events on the condition that I will attend naked.

Seeing photos from this site used on other websites and seeing ads next to them sometimes, so that naked photos of me are being used by somebody else to sell stuff, and I can't do anything about it.

Surrendering my clothes and being naked around a bunch of men, for hours or even days, and they are all allowed, withing reason, to fuck me any time they want to.