Naked and Nonbinary

Socks and Sandals

Four images of me in socks and sandals For someone who loves his feet as much as I do, I have a seemingly strange fetish for wearing white ankle socks and sandals. Sometimes it's for practical reasons, primarily cool weather. But more often it's because it's a turn-on in one way or another.

Wearing socks and sandals with nothing else makes me feel more naked than naked, since it emphasizes the fact that my feet are covered and nothing else is. Since I see my feet as being sexual, not being able to see them bare forces my attention onto my bare genitals, as it also would for anyone seeing me. There's a strange feeling of being dressed yet not, the kind of thing you might do to make someone feel embarrassed. That humiliating attention can make me feel quite aroused, but with no way to hide.

Wearing a skirt, socks and sandals, and a tank top, Going out in a skirt with socks and sandals feels like I'm "dolled up", sex on a stick - wearing them draws attention to my feet, my bare legs, and my short skirt. Most people in our culture see wearing socks and sandals as meaning a person has some weirdness about their feet being exposed. They tend to think I'm wearing them so I'll be seen as a flirtatious sexual being, or that I'm trying to hide my foot fetish for fear I'll give away how much I like them being seen, or that I'm ashamed of how they look bare. And the reality is that, at different times, all three are true about me. It's fun to think most of them at least momentarily imagine what my feet must look like. This is also mostly the case if I'm wearing shorts, but in a skirt there is a delicious element of being displayed as someone who wants to be fucked - and in fact I'd love to be fucked while dressed like that.

Naked in socks and sandals with soft erection on back porch When I did the back porch photo session, I started out wearing them just for that reason, so I'd feel like people seeing the photos would think it was kind of weird and I was doing it for sexual reasons, and so I'd be more likely to get an erection and be published online on Wikimedia like that for all to see. It did indeed have that effect. I felt trapped by the agreement I'd made to be naked, freshly shaved, and dosed with yohimbe in front of the camera for hours, and knowing I was going to be posted on line with socks and sandals and an erection from being seen wearing them was embarrassing. I'm very fond of those photos, though; they're some of my favorites.

I don't wear socks and sandals much currently, but there have been times when I've worn them for days at time at home. It feels comfortable and familiar and constantly provocative. When I finally take them off there's a period of erotic enjoyment from being able to see my feet and be fully naked again.

Socks and Sandals Photos

Big erection on the back porch wearing socks and sandals
Big erection on the back porch
Happy yohimbe-fueled erection with legs spread wearing socks and sandals
Happy yohimbe-driven erection

Posed on the couch with attitude wearing only socks and sandals
Posed on the couch with attitude

Just shaved off pubic hair and wearing socks and sandals again after 
a long break, and in front of the camera with an erection. Life is good.
Just shaved off pubic hair and wearing socks and sandals again after a long break, and in front of the camera with an erection. Life is good.

Holding a sandwich wearing socks and sandals during back porch photo session
Lust for Sandwich

Repairing a car in socks and sandals
Replacing a radiator hose

Stretched out in a lawn chair in socks and sandals
Relaxing outdoors until I heard someone drive up

Sitting with a stiff vertical erection wearing socks and sandals
These things happen when you're shaved and naked all the time and socks and sandals are your only clothing option and there's a camera that will put your naked picture on the Internet if you get in front of it

Wearing a tank top that says 'I Love My Feet' and men's skirt with socks and sandals
"I Love My Feet" but you can't see them LOL