Naked and Nonbinary

Nonbinary Sex

There is a lot of confusion and puzzlement for many people around how nonbinary people can have sex. That's not inappropriate, because there is no one answer, since nonbinaries come in Nonbinary icon My dildo stuck on the front of the refrigerator a spectrum of flavors and variations. But for me it's relatively simple: I identify strongly physically as a man, while sexually I'm a woman. I love my male body, its strength and its sexual organs, but I have no interest in using those organs on anyone, male or female. Instead, I'm the one who should be on the receiving end of a penis, the one who is fucked. But the reason I've never identified as "gay" is simply that I have NO sexual interest in men, other than to be fucked; instead, my main object of sexual interest is my own body. While I still find women's bodies attractive, enticing, and beautiful, they do not arouse me; that's not to say I don't enjoy a good cuddle and being physically close, only that it's entirely non-sexual.

Since they are useless for sex with another person, my genitals are only there for viewning and touching, both by me and by others. There's great pleasure in having them shaved and on display for anyone to see, with everyone knowing that they will never be used on anyone else, and that's very freeing for me. Masturbating in socks and sandals on the bed and gooning at the camera Masturbation is now not about somehow subverting my sexual drive, it's a natural and right thing for me to do. I rarely masturbate to orgasm though, because there's something better. In its basic form, it's called "edging" - getting close to orgasm but never letting it happen, over and over. It becomes more intense with each repetition, and can go on for hours if a person wants it to. I take that to the next level, though, and practice what some call "medibation", or masturbation as a form of meditation - also known as "Tantric masturbation". This involves learning to channel the orgasmic energy into the chakras and from there into the entire body. The result is kind of indescribable, like whole-body orgasms that don't climax, and a spiritual high that engenders a feeling of peace and bliss. It's also possible to learn to direct the energy into specific parts of the body to relieve chronic muscle tensions. While it may not be appropriate behavior in most social situations, it is nevertheless a wholesome and healthy activity, not something to be ashamed of.

As far as my female side, I want to be seen and used sexually like a cis woman would be - I want men to see me as a potential fuck and have them constantly trying to get their Stretched out on the couche masturbating while holding 
				my dildo penis into my butt. I want to have friends for whom I'm the benefit. I want to be taken out on dates in a skirt and sandals with it understood all around that I'm going to be fucked later, and maybe already have been before going out. All Fucking 
				 myself with my dildo on the couch I want is the sex; I have no interest in cuddling or kissing, just being fucked for someone else's pleasure. It pains me to admit that as of now I'm still a virgin. I've used butt plugs and dildos; I have a nice one now that I use on myself - and I love it. I daydream about actually getting fucked and I wonder if it will ever happen, and what it will be like. In the meantime I live naked, do Tantric masturbation while thinking about being naked on the Internet for any and all to see, and fuck myself occasionally with my dildo.

Since this page was created, I've started wearing a chastity cage some of the time. Since it renders my penis useless, the only way to get sexual pleasure is from being fucked, which I'm loving more and more.

Me on the bed with an erection and a big red butt plug in my ass
Humiliated, completely turned on, showing off my true slutty nature, and stuffed full of the big red butt plug at the end of a photo session of me being plugged that was to be posted online - and was

Did you ever feel like getting fucked in socks and sandals?
Did you ever feel like getting fucked in socks and sandals?